Warli art

Warli painting is the tribal art created by the Warli tribes, living in North Sahyadri range, Maharashtra, India. Warli painting is one of the preserved and still continuing folk style painting from India. Their art has a powerful way of narrating the story, of day to day activities, their beliefs and traditions. The drawing are mainly focussed on nature, wildlife, gods, the dead and powerful or whatever fascinated the Warli tribes. Walls of clay huts are used as a canvas by Warli artists. 

Warli painting, Wikipedia

Description of the above painting: 
A beautifully illustrated ceremony is described in the painting. A marriage celebration is highlighted in the painting, with people dancing, praying and performing day to day activities. A man blowing a tarpa, at the centre invites the dancers to dance in circles. Left top there is marriage ceremony, with mantap painted, the bride and bridegroom are seated in different squares. In front of the mantap are the people seated on the ground and food is being served. Below the marriage there is a prayer shown, where people offering prayers infront of God. Huts and other day to day activities are also shown in the painting.

My interest and some paintings:
I Was always fascinated with these beautiful paintings. The simplicity with which the story is conveyed is amazing. Here are some of the paintings done by me.

Using Warli art as illustration in my upcoming poetry book:
Warli art resembles with the ancient art, that was drawn on the caves. The details with which a story is described through warli art is self explanatory. Hence, choosing Warli art to illustrate all my poems.