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Is it important?

“What is this, Mama?” “It’s a phone, to call someone you miss” “Why do you have go away from someone whom you know you will miss, mama” “It’s a struggle for name and fame!” “Is it that important, Mama?” Character cout 202Twittering tales#132 Advertisements

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I took the liberty of being candid with her, leading to a fight. Neither can I accept my fault nor can I easily forgive her. I wished I was not egoistic. An inexpressible pain, a feeling of being squeezed from within. Shall I tell her, how hurt I am? what if she thinks am weak…

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Romantic brassy sky

It was a beautiful windy evening and the perfect brassy sky. I looked at her and smiled. Her curly hair falling on her forehead, her mermaid body killing all the guys in the beach. I found my soulmate. Under the evidence of brassy sky I give my heart to her. She smiled back to me,…

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