Sword, a traditional symbol

Hasselt is the capital of Limburg, Belgium. Normally it is a quite town, but the city is always active during weekends with different activities. Hasselt is famous for speculoos (spiced biscuit), Jenever drink (traditional liqour) etc., At the city centre stands an old building named as 'The Sweert', a pharmacy. Since 1713, this building is … Continue reading Sword, a traditional symbol


Collage for public

Cochem is a district in Rhineland palatine region, Germany. The history and tradition of this place is artistically collaged on the wall, in city centre. Different materials are used in one collage.


What you see depends on what you look for! Here I see senescence of leaf, the process of aging in plants. The picture was taken in autumn, when the color of leaf had begun to change. This change in leaf color is due to degradation of chlorophyll in plants, a programmed self death, induced by the change … Continue reading Senescence

New Life

I came across  this small flowering plant growing on a tree stump. This truely had a positive impression on me. I could see a new life growing on a cut down tree. No matter how broken you are, you will rise again beautifully!