Gratitude journal

As the year 2020 is coming to an end, its time to reflect on our life, growth and be grateful to everything that is helping us evolve. Reasons why you need to maintain a gratitude journal: Making a list of good things helps in boosting positivity and motivates to face new beginnings. An invaluable way […]

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Have you ever got so inspired by others that you start acting just like that person? Thinking at every step what would he/she done in your place? From my debut book ‘Treasures of life – Poetry with Warli drawings’. © Namithatantri

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The cosmodame

I see the beauty of the universeSo powerful yet peacefulA feeling that tellsI am part of your beautyAnd will join youAt the end of my journey! ~ The Cosmodame ~

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Witches in Warli tribe

Every religious ceremony in Warlis are mediated by a priest or Bhagata. In order to become main bhagata, students take intensive trainings in different groups, in caves or in hidden locations. This knowledge transfer is done by one of the main Bhagata. Bhagatahood training was forbidden to women, because it was observed that women who […]

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About Me

Hi, I’m Namitha. I am an Indian expat living in Belgium. A biotechnology freelance writer and Bollywood dance instructor in Belgium.

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