Hello! I’m Namitha. I am an Indian expat living in Belgium. I started writing as a biotechnology freelance writer. Since then, I have been writing, whether its fiction short stories, poems or other blogs, it’s a best way for me to express my thoughts. Thus, here I am to share my opinion on leading a happy lifestyle. I am a mother of two boys, with lots of interests for writing, dancing, travelling and science. 

The Cosmodame is a blog primarily focussing on healthy lifestyle, where I share some tips/opinions that could be helpful to lead a balanced life.
Other categories included in blog are
Travel: Travelling tips and some of the visited places are listed here.
@Belgium: Things to do in Belgium, places to visit is covered in this category.
Opinions: This topics includes currently only my opinion on things that I think is very important in our life.
Freebies: This includes free planners/ routines/schedules in pdf format that can be easily downloaded and printed. 

I hope this blog helps you to brighten up your life, know your worth and be successful.
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Thanks for checking my blog! Much love,

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