She lived in a castle, in the old woods.

Every full moon she comes out to her balcony and stares at moon.

Her flying shawl in wind reminded me of waves in the ocean

I think I found my state of serenity!

Curiosity was not letting me sleep,

I walked to the castle in the full moon, just to take a glance.

Oh, what a stunning beauty she was

An old idol wrapped in a cloth?

Disappointedly, I pulled the cloth, to clean my sweat

Suddenly I heard a voice shout, Are you here again to steal my cloth?

Indeed what an enchanting beauty she was, made me dumbstruck!

For What do you see # 35- 22 June 2020

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  1. I really loved your post about the Indian temple in Belgium. It feels so good to know that Indian culture is not just restrained to India. Comments on that post were disabled but I had to let you know 🙂

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