Temporary henna tattoo

Henna, also known as mehendi, made from the leaves of plant Lawsonia inermis is used for making temporary body art, popular in India and Middle East. Henna which is available in plastic cone is used for making body designs, especially on hands and feet. Henna is also available in the market as powder where the leaves are dehydrated and crushed to make the powder. Powdered henna is used for coloring  hair.

Henna is very famous during Indian wedding. The wedding takes place for several days and one of these days is meant only for henna ceremony, where the bride’s hands and feet are designed with henna. Henna has to stay on hand for minimum of 1 hour, to get brown color. Longer duration gives darker color. Dried henna is later removed using using oil. There is a belief that darker is the henna color of the bride, deeper is the husband’s love for her.


This picture was taken when I last visited my hometown. Me and my sister spent a lot of time searching for design and tried to put on our feet.

WPC: Temporary




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