Esch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small neighbouring country of Belgium. The country also shares its border with Germany and France. One part of Luxembourg is hilly region with mixed forest and the other part is modern urbanised region. The country boasts to have excellent wine and sparkling wine.

We visited a small village, Esch sur Sauer in north western region of Luxembourg, near the border of Belgium.


A very quite scenic village with old castle ruins, church and river Sauer running through the village. Most visiting place of this region is the castle ruins, which is surprising maintained by the citizens who live in that area. Not much information about the castle is shared. We had an adventurous climb to the castle ruins and a wonderful view of the village from top.





There are some good restaurants by the river side where you can enjoy the view and taste the food of Luxembourg. I would recommend People who like to have a short hike or just relax, to visit this place.


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