Peace of mind

Everyone has a bunch of thoughts, but its amazing how we tend to choose a thought over the other, maybe good or bad. Something that I learnt from ragpickers, in a dustbin full of waste they pick only things that are useful. Similarly, I could compare mind to a dustbin. Dustbin is full of garbage, so is our mind, which has to be cleaned regularly by us. In our mind full of negative thoughts, there could also be a hidden positive thought, which is waiting to be picked, which could change our life. This could be achieved through meditation. Once in a while, sit in a quite place, closing your eyes, and realise what you want or what you already have. Listen to thoughts that are popping from within.

In my experience, sometimes, I find difficult to even close my eyes, as I have thoughts flowing continuously. After certain practise you observe that, inner self is not as chaos as it is outside. Pay attention to your thoughts, laugh at it, cry if you feel like. If the thought is not useful, just let it go. There could be a hidden thought beneath. Make space for it.

But the main challenge you will face is to pick up an useful thought. How do I know if that thought is useful to me? It is a decision you need to make. After meditating several times, there would be a day when you have no thoughts coming in front of you when you close your eyes. According to me, that is the day when you have achieved inner peace. This peace of mind may not make you popular or wealthy. But instead, anything good or bad comes in your life, you may not be affected, you are left unshaken. Just like the plants with strong roots. During thunderstorm, plants are literally pulled out, but they are strong beneath. I hope everyone finds peace within and donot go in search of peace.

Author: Namitha

Namitha is an Indian expat living in Belgium. She is a biotechnology freelance writer and dance instrutor. She also enjoys writing fiction short stories, poems and other guest blogs. Strongly feels writing is a best way to express your thoughts.

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