Soft spoken personality

It is often misunderstood that a soft spoken person is naive and introvert. I am a soft spoken person and I have faced several such situations, where, I have to prove that I am strong enough to face the problem and capable to convey my thoughts to others. There has also been circumstances where my friends push me to do things, thinking that, they are helping me to get stronger.

Everyone has a reason for being soft spoken. It could be that the person is trying to be nice to you or just his cultural background. I grew up in an environment where we are supposed to give respect to all elders and not to back answer. Sometimes elders misunderstand the respect we give them and consider us to be innocent/naive. People also used to approach my parents complimenting that I am very innocent/naive. Whenever I try to justify that I am not what they think, I get a reply ‘We can’t even hear your voice, what can you do’.

Good listeners are apparently the soft spoken people, as their voice is rarely heard, they just end up listening. In a group conversation, we have a tendency, where we wait for others to finish their talk, and this has left us with no space to fill in our words. It doesn’t mean that we do not try. People are usually loud in a group, after uttering some words, and the rest failing to hear what we have spoken, we eventually give up and be quite. This is why we also end up being choosy, we try to choose a friend who has enough patience to hear our words.

Soft spoken person may also find it difficult to get promoted or publicize their work. They are the ones who work really hard but fail to claim their work. As a result, in this competitive world, other brassy people can take all the credit and you are left behind.

Its fine to consider us soft spoken but not acceptable if  judged as weak/naive.

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