We found this beautiful temple in Hamm, Germany. The temple was built in 2002 and is the largest Dravida Hindu temple of Europe. This temple was built by Indian sculptors. The rituals performed here was same as that of India. Felt like I was in India.


There were several Gods inside the temple and the main Goddess was Sri Kamadchi (Kamakshi).


In front of the temple was also a free parking site where we parked our car. The temple had a room at entrance where we could leave our shoes, wash hands and also a diaper changing table for children. Photography was prohibited inside the temple. Opening time of temple was 8:00-14:00 hrs and 17:00 – 20:00 hrs everyday. After the darshan we were also offered free delicious Indian food by the temple at other building. This building also had toilets.


A very beautiful temple with mesmerizing architecture and paintings. Visit the temple if you are missing India or just to admire Indian culture.


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