I feel an immense sense of joy inside, That changes the way I look at things outside. The power in me bows to the power in you, For I know for real, what exists within me and you! -Namitha Image credit- Stefan Keller – PixabayWritten for Sadje’s challenge, What do you see # 37


She lived in a castle, in the old woods. Every full moon she comes out to her balcony and stares at moon. Her flying shawl in wind reminded me of waves in the ocean I think I found my state of serenity! Curiosity was not letting me sleep, I walked to the castle in the … Continue reading Castle


Some lessons that we can learn from sunflower: Every big dream starts with small step: Sunflower starts from small seed, to strong and beautiful plant. Similarly no one has ever achieved success in a single day. Take small steps, make your self stronger, grow in an environment that is nourishing you. You will surely reach … Continue reading Sunflower


The world we wanted, is taken for granted. We wander in fear, than looking what is near. Only in darkness, shines the world that is dear! – Namitha In response to What do you see challenge # 34- 15 June 2020

Indian temple in Belgium

Radhadesh is the most familiar place to every Indian in Belgium. In the hilly regions of Ardennes you can find this beautiful temple. It is an old castle that has been transformed into a temple. The castle was built around 11th  century and was bought by ISKON in the year 1979. The main mission of … Continue reading Indian temple in Belgium


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Hi, I’m Namitha. I am an Indian expat living in Belgium. A biotechnology freelance writer and Bollywood dance instructor in Belgium.

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